This year at Baltimore Brett Schenker and I presented a panel called Comics by the Numbers Panel. Schenker is a political analyst and the author of perhaps the most cited post ever on The Beat, the much loved not at all controversial post Market Research Says 46.67% of Comic Fans are Female. The pane; was taped and you can watch (or probably better, listen) above. Depsite it being the first panel on Saturday there was a healthy audience of about 30-40 people, and the questions were really smart and engaged, which is the best you can ask on a panel.

Because you can’t see our slides, we’ve embedded them below.

This is an incredibly important topic for comics and all of pop culture, and I’m gald t be able to make this information available to all. For those who might want to confer further with Brett, his website is here, and he’s @graphicpolicy on Twitter.


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