Dan DiDio, the former DC co-publisher who departed the company earlier this year, will be interviewed tonight live on the Kubert School’s Facebook page.

The event starts at 8 p.m. Eastern Time, and is slated to run for an hour. You can check it all out here.

This stands to be fairly interesting, at least outwardly. DiDio has always been candid with the media, even under the watchful eye of the good folks at DC publicity. Now, he’s left the company and can (presumably) say most anything he’d like. Interesting. I could be wrong, but this also seems like his first major official interview since he abruptly cut ties with DC in February.

Even in the best of times (with the new entertainment options flowing) this would be an interesting comics thing to consume, but in these coronavirus quarantine days of no new books, no sports, no movie theaters…this is downright can’t-miss. It’s all going to happen on the Kubert School’s Facebook page.

I know I’ll be watching!

Dan DiDio


  1. I missed the first part of the interview, but the rest was awesome. Truly a unique perspective from someone who isn’t all tangled up in the corporate side for the time being, but still recent enough to have a lot of insight. He made some great points about pricing, the need to expand the audience, the role of editors, and advice for even up and coming creators. Be sure to check out the replay on the Kubert School’s website.

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