The Hollywood Reporter and Comichron put together a list of
2015’s best selling single issues, based on estimated sales only of course, so salt yadda yadda:

Star Wars No. 1 (985,976) (Marvel Entertainment) January
Secret Wars No. 1 (527,678) (Marvel Entertainment) May
Bravest Warriors: Tales From The Holo John No. 1 (502,737) (BOOM! Studios) May
Orphan Black No. 1 (497,002) (IDW Publishing) February
Dark Knight III: The Master Race No. 1 (440,243) (DC Entertainment) November
Star Wars: Vader Down No. 1 (384,969) (Marvel Entertainment) November
Invincible Iron Man No. 1 (279,514) (Marvel Entertainment) October
Darth Vader No. 1 (264,399) (Marvel Entertainment) February
Spider-Gwen No. 1 (254,074) (Marvel Entertainment) February
Princess Leia No. 1 (253,655) (Marvel Entertainment) March

Obviously, Marvel’s Star Wars relaunch was the big hit of the year, followed by “big events” Secret Wars and DKIII. But the biggest influencer on the chart was Loot Crate, which accounted for the high sales of Star Wars #1, Bravest Warriors and Orphan Black. The “surprise box” service remains the biggest of its kind, and purchases comics through Diamond, hence the higher sales. At mid year Loot Cate had some 500,000 subscribers, a figure that has probably increased by now, although the comics wave seems to have slowed down since then.

The real outlier on the list is Spider-Gwen by Jason LaTour and Robbi Rodriguez. This title launched with huge retailer excitement and is still selling more than 60,000 copies after an ANAD reboot which would be considered a pretty good number, I guess, in these parlous times.

Diamond also releases their official end of year figures, which should be coming in the next week or two, and that will allow us to compare some numbers to previous years. But see next post.


  1. Hollywood Reporter did that list independently from us, but using Comichron data for just the first months. The real Top 10 may be different and will be known early in the new year when Diamond releases it.

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