The New York Times reports on Warners’ response to Fox’s suit over WATCHMEN. A key element: Just what did one-time WATCHMEN producer Lawrence Gordon pay to whom, and when?

In a summary of its position in Friday’s report, Warner said Fox “sat silently” as one of the producers of “Watchmen,” Lawrence Gordon, took the project “to studio after studio with Fox’s express knowledge.”

Fox, which filed a lawsuit in February, has claimed in its own filings that Mr. Gordon did not keep the studio apprised of his plans, as required by a 1994 agreement. That deal granted Mr. Gordon rights to “Watchmen” in “turnaround” — an industry term for arrangements under which producers can move a project from one studio to another under certain conditions.

Expect those other studios — Legendary, Paramount and Universal — to get dragged into the projected knock-down drag-out fight. Warners is also pushing for a speedy trial — hmm, wonder why?

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  1. I bet Warners would rather have a speedy trial than a speedy trail. ;-)

    Though speedy trails do have their merits…

    (Feel free to delete this if you fix the typo…)

  2. Somewhere in England, Alan Moore is seated by a crackling fire, enjoying a hot mug of tea and laughing his beard off.

    Companies that have screwed creators for decades getting screwed in turn? More entertaining than this silly movie could ever be.

  3. I agree with Garrett.

    Without doubt, Moore is somewhere, gleefully enjoying the pain suffered by those who have wronged him! ;)