booster gold

The Tracking Board is reporting that Warner Brothers has tapped Greg Berlanti, executive producer of The Flash, Arrow, and the upcoming Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl, to helm a Booster Gold/Blue Beetle team up movie.

The DC characters will reportedly be featured in a more light-hearted, buddy-cop style production, which is in stark contrast from the more serious tone portrayed in upcoming features like Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but a more logical choice given the characters at hand (I’m not sure I’m really up for a gritty origin story on Booster Gold). If true, it also debunks the rumor that Warner Brothers is casting humor aside in future films for a darker tone.

The timing on this is also pretty funny given Nathan Fillion’s recent comments that he’d like to play Booster Gold.  At Wizard World Comic Con in Chicago, Fillion named Booster Gold as his top dream super hero role.

“I think I could take a pretty good crack at Booster Gold,” said Fillion. “That’s kind of my niche… show-offy, vain. I think I could handle that… not too bright.”


  1. In some ways the time for this movie seems long past, but I would still love to see it get made. Please, be good!

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