Every now and then, you hear tales of comics that made it at least part way through production, but never got published.  Cancelled Comics Cavalcade from DC’s implosion in the ’70s.  Jack Kirby’s The Prisoner for Marvel.  It seems another one of these projects has been unearthed and it is absolutely not a myth.

The Bronze Age of Blogs tracked down the tale of Barry Windsor-Smith working on a Thing graphic novel for Marvel in the 80s.  Not only is it true, there are 48 pages of it to read.  OK, the last page is only pencils and pencilled in initial letter… but that makes it pretty clear where work was halted, doesn’t it?

Now go read the rest.


  1. Oh wow!! I miss BWS’s comic work soooo much! I badly wish he would come back to making comics…or anything, really. It seems like he hasn’t done anything in a while. I hope he’s ok.

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