As former Comic-Con attendees noted on Monday, a whole new system for getting badges is being implemented — even for people who are already in the system for having a badge.

Affecting pros, press and volunteers, the new system requires you to create your own Member ID and password, type in a really tough captcha and confirm and then then….wait for the next step.

The system is sufficiently difficult that they made a 2+ minute video showing you how to do it.

We saw a smattering of complaints on Facebook and Twitter about the new rigmarole, and, like we said, had to try for a third captcha before finding one we could puzzle out. Other than that, it all seemed to go okay and we now have our Member ID.

So what does this all mean?. For one thing, the Member ID is now tied to your email. This system seems to be geared towards rooting out double dippers — and you know who you are — so a tough “one Klingon, one badge” policy seems to be on the way.

By requiring a unique e-mail address for each Member ID, our hope is to increase the speed of the online registration process and prevent duplicate registrations that allow scalpers to purchase multiple tickets and sell them at inflated prices. Our intent is that the Comic-Con Member ID system will allow more fans to purchase tickets for this highly popular event.

Anyone in doubt should heed this from the FAQ:

Can I attend Comic-Con without a Member ID?

If you wish to purchase a badge for Comic-Con or apply for a complimentary badge through professional and press registration, you must have a valid Comic-Con Member ID. You must also have a Member ID to apply as a volunteer or purchase a trade professional badge. You will not be able to login to EPIC registration and attempt to purchase a badge without a Member ID.

Got that? No Member ID no steenking badges!

For anyway who laments all this, well, the efficacy of lamenting was over long ago. Also, the con is going ahead with using Epic registration again instead of Ticketmaster or some other ticket system that charges asinine “convenience” fees.

Meanwhile, the date for actual ticket purchase and hotel reservation have yet to be announced. And we’ve already had two San Diego anxiety dreams this year! And all for things like this:


Well, now that you mention it…


  1. If you need the video, you are either 80 or really really stupid. It’s a super standard registration system…took 30 seconds.

  2. I can’t wait to link back to that picture the next time gender wars comes up on this site. Way to feed the beast.

  3. that was the most basic sign up form ever. If you have trouble with it, you don’t use the internet much.

    you can refresh the captcha if you can’t read it (yes sometimes its hard)

  4. If the intent of registering Member I.D.s for buying Comic-Con passes is to cut down on those ‘flipping’ their badges for the Sold Out event on eBay/craigslist for a tidy profit: hope it works, CCI!

    (Wonder when will REED start doing likewise for
    its East Coast version of SDCC?)