We’re looking for a few good people to help cover this year’s San Diego experience. What you get: a press badge. What you do: write.

We’re not looking for people who want to chew the end of their pencil and look wistful. Or people who dream of rubbing up against a sweaty Jason Momoa. Although come to think of it, if you do, you can write about it.

In other words, be serious. And if we know you, so much the better.

That email: comicsbeat at gmail.com


  1. AS a native son of SAN D. CA. and as a goer to of comic-cons and as a RIGHT SON OF A BITCH…and as of course a great turner of a phrase…I SUBMIT MY APP.oh that’s right you don’t want a writer, you want a lackey,oops so sorry…lmfao…

  2. I’ll be on Watchtower duty at Stately Beat Manor, so please be sure to rotate out the supplies from the bomb shelter. Also, make sure the bananas for the Bonobos are fresh. Last year, they were a bit ripe, and the chimps got frisky with the tree octopus (who retreated to the moat and was not seen on land for two months).

  3. This will be my last year going (price, crowds, etc.) so I’ll write a personal article and submit it. I’ll be too busy trying to enjoy everything I can before I say goodbye to the fun but yet overbearing Comic-Con.