So yesterday, Press reg finally opened for the San Diego Comic-Con. Member ID registration is now open. And you can apply. Emails were sent out to people who had previously been on the list. Emails told you whether you were “Verification not due” or….”Verification due.”

Basically, as David Glanzer mentioned when we interviewed him recently, there is going to be some winnowing of San Diego’s press list. It was already pretty huge and with space at a premium, more…verification is due.

Verification involves clips and paperwork, that kind of thing. Sounds simple but…no one likes paperwork.

A quick Twitter poll revealed that several people were already verified—among them, thank God, Tom Spurgeon—but many others were not. And among those others are people we’d call mainstays. Major players. Must-reads. But we’re guessing that just because you are not yet verified doesn’t mean you won’t be.

But…there are going to be some broken hearts. And teeth gnashing. Oh man. This is going to make the badge thing look like the time Tinky Winky and Laa-Laa went to the meadow to pick a daisy.

But see next post!


  1. Hey dudes!

    This will be my first year (hopefully) to attend the convention and I am wicked stoaked. I am such a noob though! Can anyone tell me if the “Press Application” is the same thing as the “Member Registration” online thing & “Materials Verification” forms? I don’t see any official “Application” to download/fill out on the website, and i’m freaking out!!

    Thanks and party on dudes,



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