We’re less than twelve hours away until the epic Season 2 finale of The Mandalorian. After last week’s Disney Investor Day presentation that revealed what’s coming down the line in a galaxy far, far away it’s safe to say that balance has finally been restored to The Force. Still looking for a holiday gift for that special Star Wars fan in your life? Rejoice for the Wampa rug has returned in time for the holiday shopping season.

Wampa rugs took the Star Wars collectible fandom world by storm years ago but has sadly been out of stock for what seems like an age. Now thanks to a new manufacturer, Jay Franco, buying the rights, the rug is back not only back in stock with a higher quality but it’s also half the original price!

That’s right, the rug is currently available at FUN.com for $59.99, considerably lower than the $129.97-$290 price range that was previously attached to it.

It’s the perfect showcase to show off your Star Wars fandom and even safe enough for even the smallest Baby Yoda!

Check the full product details below and order your own Wampa rug here.

Wampa rugs Wampa rug


Listen, we get it. Wampas aren’t exactly the most friendly critters on Hoth. You’ve seen Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back, right? They’re known for attacking anyone who wanders too close to their den. They’ll steal your Tauntaun and leave you stranded in a frozen tundra. Then, they’ll freeze you to the ceiling and eat your Tauntaun for breakfast… and then plan to eat you for dinner! All that being said, it’s totally not cool to hunt a Wampa for its fur. Even those angry creatures have a right to be left alone and besides, you can get a great Star Wars trophy without hunting a Wampa!

The good news is, you don’t have to! With this Star Wars Wampa Fur Rug, you get a nice, soft rug for your home and not a single Wampa needs to be harmed.

Fun Details

This Wampa Rug is designed for those who want that Wampa-style, but still have no desire to hunt the angry beasts from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back! The rug recreates the look of the snow-colored fur from the movie and can be used to spruce up any home or office. Of course, it also makes sure that we leave those Wampas alone!