Shiga Demon

Jason Shiga, known for his multi-path comics such as Meanwhile, is scheduled to publish his next title, Demon, with First Second in October 2016. It say’s “Book 1” in the catalog, and given the description below, looks like it will run about six volumes.

What’s the comic about? Well, from his patreon website:

I’m currently creating my most ambitious project to date, the webcomic Demon, a 21 issue, 720 page sci-fi epic available free every day at Feel free to start from the beginning of the story by clicking here.

I’m printing up booklets to run concurrently with the online comic. Each one is riso printed in 2 colors, signed, and runs about 2 months ahead of the online comic. The booklets will sell for $10 at your local comic shop but because we’re bypassing armies of retailers, publishers, printers and distributors, you can order a subscription directly from me by donating at the $5 level.

You can read the daily comic here! It’s quite engrossing! Very mysterious! It actually starts with a murder mystery, but not quite… …read the comic and you’ll see what I mean.

He’s also selling the booklets as well as the original artwork!

Macmillan doesn’t have the book posted yet, so it might be delayed (unlikely, given how far the webcomic is progressing) or just hasn’t been officially announced yet, since it’s ten months away.