The comics to media pipeline chugs along as has been announced that Irredeemable from Mark Waid and Peter Krause is being turned into a film to be directed by BAFTA award winner Jeymes Samuel (The Harder They Fall) for Netflix.

Both Irredeemable and its spin-off Incorruptible will be adapted by Oscar nominated screenwriter Kemp Powers (One Night in Miami and Soul). Producers include Shawn Carter (Jay Z), James Lassiter, and Stephen Christy & Ross Richie for BOOM! Studios, with exec producers Kemp Powers and Adam Yoelin, and Mette Norkjaer overseeing from the Boom! Studios end.

Irredeemable the comic was an important milestone for Boom when first published back in 2009 (!), with sales that helped put the then emerging company on the map, and giving Waid and Krause a signature creation. The series went on to run for 37 issues, selling over 1.5 million copies along the way. The story is a sturdy deconstructed riff on superhero tropes – thr world’s greatest superhero goes rogue and can only be stopped by his nemesis – that fits in well with the current age of series like The Boys and Peacemaker.  Incorruptible, by Waid and Jean Diaz,  told the flip side of the story and ran for 30 issues and sold over 1 million copies during its run.

When the world’s most powerful and beloved superhero, the god-like Plutonian, inexplicably begins slaughtering everyone on Earth, the only person that can stop him is his former arch-nemesis, the super-powered villain Max Damage. Unwillingly thrust into the role of savior, Max must uncover the Plutonian’s mysterious past in order to discover how to bring him down. But can he discover what made the Plutonian go crazy before his own degenerative super powers cause him to lose his mind?