Announced last SDCC, Batman: The Doom That Came To Gotham is among the upcoming DC animated movies set to arrive next year. Based on the Elseworlds miniseries by Mike Mignola and Richard Pace and illustrated by Troy Nixey and Dennis Janke, Doom That Came To Gotham involves an alternate Batman in the 1920s fighting against Lovecraftian supernatural forces. Today courtesy of THR, new details for the film were revealed including the voice cast.

Here’s the official description of the film:

In Doom That Came to Gotham, explorer Bruce Wayne accidentally unleashes an ancient evil, and returns to Gotham after being away for two decades. Batman battles Lovecraftian supernatural forces and encounters allies and enemies such as Green Arrow, Ra’s al Ghul, Mr. Freeze, Killer Croc, Two-Face and James Gordon.

The film features David Giuntoli as the voice of Batman, Tati Gabrielle as Kai Li Cain, Christopher Gorham as Oliver Queen, John DiMaggio as James Gordon, Patrick Fabian as Harvey Dent, Brian George as Alfred and Jason Marsden as Dick Grayson and Young Bruce Wayne.

Other members of the cast include Karan Brar as Sanjay “Jay” Tawde, David Dastmalchian as Grendon, Navid Negahban as Ra’s al Ghul, Emily O’Brien as Talia al Ghul and Martha Wayne, Tim Russ as Lucius Fox, Matthew Waterson as Jason Blood/Etrigan, Jeffrey Combs as Kirk Langstrom, William Salyers as Cobblepot, Gideon Adlon as Oracle and Darin De Paul as Thomas Wayne.

Sam Liu produces and co-directs, with Christopher Berkeley also co-directing. The film has a script from Jase Ricci. Jim Krieg & Kimberly S. Moreau are producing, with Sam Register and Michael Uslan executive producing.

It’s worth noting that according to upcoming DC solicitations, a new edition of Batman: The Doom That Came to Gotham is set to be released in April likely to time with the release of the animated film.

Expect Batman: The Doom That Came To Gotham to arrive in Spring 2023.

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