For the first time in over three years, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment hosted the World Premiere of the latest DC animated film, Green Lantern: Beware My Power.

The screening was followed by an exciting, informative and oftentimes funny panel discussion amongst actors Aldis Hodge (John Stewart/Green Lantern), Jimmi Simpson (Green Arrow), Jamie Gray Hyder (Hawkgirl) and Brian Bloom (Adam Strange) alongside the filmmaking quartet of executive producer Butch Lukic, director Jeff Wamester and co-screenwriters John Semper Jr. & Ernie Altbacker. Publicist Gary Miereanu served as moderator.

Front Row (left to right) – Gary Miereanu (moderator), Brian Bloom, Jamie Gray Hyder, John Semper Jr. & Aldis Hodge
Back Row (left to right) – Ernie Altbacker, Jimmi Simpson, Jeff Wamester, Butch Lukic Photographed by Gary Miereanu

Among the many panel highlights was Aldis Hodge, the voice of John Stewart/Green Lantern in his first animated feature film starring role, surprising the crowd with an impromptu reciting of the Green Lantern Oath, delivered with an impressive intensity and joy.

Photographed by Gary Miereanu
Photographed by Gary Miereanu

Moreover, the premiere rekindled its Comic-Con tradition of announcing its initial slate of DC Universe Movies and DC Animated Movies for the following year.

With only names announced thus far, these film titles are coming in 2023:
• Legion of Super-Heroes
• Batman: The Doom That Came To Gotham
• Justice League x RWBY: Super Heroes and Huntsmen, Part One
• Justice League: Warworld

Doom That Came To GothamWhether the Legion of Super-Heroes or Justice League: Warworld is meant to take place in this current shared continuity remains to be seen. Doom That Came To Gotham should be very familiar to comic fans as an adaptation of the three-issue Elseworlds story written by Mike Mignola and Richard Pace and illustrated by Troy Nixey and Dennis Janke. This being a Mignola story, it won’t probably won’t come as a surprise that Doom That Came To Gotham involves an alternate Batman in the 1920s fighting against Lovecraftian supernatural forces.

The Doom That Came to GothamComic readers should instantly recognize the name Warworld in reference to the mobile planetoid controlled by the villainous Mongul. It’s currently playing a large role in the pages of the Superman with Warworld Saga which is set to reach its conclusion later this year.



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