In late June Vin Diesel announced a super secret meeting with Marvel but remained coy as to the reason. So I took it upon myself to guess why he was meeting with the Mouse, and it turns out I wasn’t entirely wrong.


I was completely wrong about his possible casting for the upcoming “Guardians of The Galaxy” film. Some of you commenters (and Brett White) called it from the beginning. I feel like Stephon Marbury when I write these kind of pieces, but yesterday Vinny gave us a sneaky-peaky-hinty-hint and posted a picture of Groot on his official Facebook page. It doesn’t sounds like too much of an stretch for the Iron Giant, since Groot is known for saying “I am Groot” over and over again. Maybe he’s just screwing with us or he loves his fans enough to go behind Disney’s back and gives us the lowdown before it’s fo-real? I wish he was more direct like the time Brian Michael Bendis announced that Kevin Maguire providing art for “Guardians of The Galaxy” issue #10 news before we got the press release.


(via Superhero Hype)