Heathen, the female-centered Viking adventure comic created by writer/artist Natasha Alterici, will return for a second arc in June with Ashley Woods soon to take over art.

Heathen, which is published by Vault Comics, is the story of a female Viking coming out as queer within a brutal patriarchy. Alienated from society, she subsequently embarks upon a quest aimed at ending the oppressive reign of the head Viking god honcho, Odin. Heathen has so far released six issues, with the first four compiled into a volume one trade paperback. The sixth and most-recent issue was released in early 2018. To help bridge the gap, Vault has plans to reprint issues five and six.

The new plan, as announced by Vault via The Hollywood Reporter, is to start back up again in June with Heathen #7. Alterici has suffered hand pain and will shift to focusing on writing the book while Woods (Ladycastle, Tomb Raider) takes over the art.

While Vault has gone on to publish a number of critically-acclaimed comics—including recent books like Wasted Space, Fearscape, Friendo, Submerged, and These Savage ShoresHeathen still ranks as what is likely its most successful publication. In spite of the hiatus the book has been on, Heathen has been an unabashed hit for Vault Comics, complete with ample critical acclaim, copies on sale in 36 countries, and a film option. It was one of Vault’s launch titles when the publisher debuted back in early 2017.

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