Reeve Carney sings “Boy Falls From The Sky,” one of the Bono/Edge penned songs for the Spider-Man musical this morning on GMA.

Yep, that was about what we expected from the moment we heard about this project


  1. The Spider-Man movie music was a sad sad rip off of the Elfman music from the Batman films so it makes sense that this would sound like a weaker version of U2’s Batman Forever soundtrack song.

    The kid’s got a good voice though so, that’s something. Sounds kind of like a Muse demo track. You know, before they hit the awesome button.

  2. I don’t know, musicals are all about bombast, sturm und drang…I could see this being sung as Spidey/Peter careens from one building to another…
    Whoever shot the video might want to consider a tripod.
    I’m not holding out high hopes for the project, as there’s not been a superhero musical since It’s A Bird, etc. The Batman and Captain America musicals tanked. But this still might be fun and exciting.
    I think Shannon’s criticism is meaningless. In context, whether or not it’s derivative (and I find the Spider-man score much more nuanced than the Batman scores) is secondary to whether it works with the narrative, and as stated above, I think this could.

  3. Eh, derivative or not, the Spider-Man movie music was lousy. The Spider-Man movies don’t even have a theme song. If kid’s can’t hum your theme song while play fighting in the back yard on a Saturday afternoon then your adventure movie sucked.

  4. It should be interesting to see how this is staged since the musicians will not be on stage during the performance. I purchased tickets last month and the promoter has held up the printing of tickets for fear of scalpers grabbing them up. (According to ticketmaster.) I hope Spider-Man is not anything like the Neal Adams broadway show of the 1970s…((cringe))

  5. I love U2, but I really wish they’d do some new music instead of rehashing their older sound. Remember when each album promised something radically different?

  6. Setting aside the fact that I think the very IDEA of a superhero musical is more stupid than life itself… That’s a pretty good song. I’ll bet if U2 performed it I’d be saying it was a VERY good song. So that’s something.

  7. Rodgers and Hammerstein can rest easy.

    This is one of the many reasons Broadway sucks. The songwriters can’t write a show tune to save their life, and now all that is left is this crap and the catalogs of Elvis, Abba, Sinatra and probably soon Justin Beiber. Maybe if by a miracle Julie Andrews gets her voice back, this can be the tune she sings during her triumphant return television special?

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