Everyone’s favorite demon-tongued symbiote is turning 30 this year! And to celebrate Venom’s birthday, Marvel is putting out a map! However more surprises and treats are promised for the Venomversay – maybe even hot tea.

Venom was created all the way back in 1988 as an alien symbiote that gave Spider-Man a controversial black and white costume. The design was actually from a fan named Randy Schueller – who was paid $220 by then editor in chief Jim Shooter for his idea. David Michelinie, Mike Zeck and Todd McFarlane completed the look and the rest is history.

BTW thank god there wasn’t an internet in 1988 because fan haaaaaated the black and white costume! Even though Spidey went back to his webby look, and a classic character was created. Out of dumb storylines….

Well, we’ll leave that thought unfinished. Anyhoo Marvel is celebrating with this map to help newbies sort things out and old-timers get nostalgic.


Since VENOM’s explosive 150th issue featuring the return of Eddie Brock, the Marvel Universe has been building to a celebration of all things Venom, including all-new adventures for the symbiote!

To help readers sort out where the Venom trail started and where Eddie Brock’s story is headed, Marvel is excited to reveal its WEB OF VENOM map: a 20 x 13 laminated poster featuring a dynamic new image by superstar artist Clayton Crain, designed to show how the seeds for the milestone 30th anniversary have been planted across the Marvel Universe for the past year in epic stories such as EDGE OF VENOMVERSE, VENOMVERSE, VENOM INC, the upcoming POISON X and more!

Prepare for a big Venom-inspired year, as this is just the beginning of surprises and announcements that fans can look forward to as part of Venom’s 30th anniversary celebration – and you won’t want to miss what’s coming!

Look for Marvel’s WEB OF VENOM map, in comic shops January 31st!