What happens when you combine Night of the Creeps, Shaun of the Dead, and Attack the Block? You get a dark comedy filled with alien bugs looking to take over a small town. Otherwise, known as writer Cody Ziglar and artist Ryan Lee‘s Goobers. Published by Vault, the series will be lettered by Andworld and designed by Adam Cahoon with the first issue set to release in the fall.

Best known for his works Spider-Punk, Miles Morales: Spider-Man, and Futurama, Ziglare noted that Goobers gave him an opportunity to combine his favorite genres together with his love for North Carolina, most notably Shaun of the Dead, Night of the Creeps, Get Out, and Revenge of the Living Dead. It wasn’t until during the height of the pandemic in 2021 that Goobers was born, as that was when Ziglar moved back home for six months. 

Goobers, by Cody Ziglar and Ryan Lee

“I kept wondering what made certain towns feel the same, even if there are small changes, and landed on the obvious answer: alien worms must invade and body-snatch folks,” Ziglar said. The story of Goobers was his “comedic look on processing those emotions while also paying homage to some of my favorite films.”

For Lee, who is known for Rick and Morty, Goobers injected a shot of nostalgia into his veins, or in this case, an alien bug. “Goobers squired its spiked larval body into that monster infatuation I’ve treasured since childhood,” he said. “There’s a magic in those freaks [I grew up with] that buried their claws into my brain and jolted my imagination to draw and create my own beastlies.”

A preview of the pages can be viewed below:

Vault describes the story as such:

The story centers around Clayton Lowe as he heads back to his small Southern hometown. His new friends from grad school are about to meet his old friends from high school and discover that something may have finally changed in the town where nothing ever changes: Pine Cove is ground zero for an infestation of body-snatching alien-bugs. And now, it’s time to bury the past.

Spider-Punk‘s Justin Mason and The Nasty‘s Adam Cahoon will provide variant covers for the first issue. The first issue of Goobers releases in September 2024. 

Source: Vault