Mark Millar and Frank Quitely’s superhero dynastic saga Jupiter’s Legacy kicks off its final volume at Dark Horse this October. Entitled Jupiter’s Legacy: Finale, the five part limited series will see series co-creator Mark Millar joined once more by Jupiter’s Legacy: Requiem artist Tommy Lee Edwards and letterer John Workman bring the decades-spanning tale to a close. The first issue will ship October 16, retailing for $4.99.

Jupiter's Legacy
Jupiter’s Legacy: Finale #1 cover by Tommy Lee Edwards

Jupiter’s Legacy: Finale synopsis from the Dark Horse press release:

“The lineage of America’s superheroes is on the brink. They’ve grappled with internal scandals, personal demons, and the constant threat of raising children in a world teetering on the edge of destruction. The struggle to understand the origins of their powers and the looming threat of heroes and villains to humanity has been a constant battle. Now, the superheroes find themselves trapped and murdered on an alien world, while the enemies of Earth, who have long envied our planet, seize the opportunity to launch their invasion.”

The issue will ship with main cover by series artist Tommy Lee Edwards; with three variants by Jupiter’s Legacy co-creator Frank Quitely, Julian Totino Tedesco, and Skottie Young.

Created by writer Mark Millar and artist Frank Quitely, Jupiter’s Legacy began in 2013 – telling a sprawling saga about different generations of a family of superheroes. At five collected volumes, it is believed to be one of Millar’s longest independently published series to date. A high profile Netflix adaptation was released in 2021. While named as co-creator of the series, Quitely would only serve as artist on the main series – with prequels and sequels being handed to other artists including Wilfredo Torres, Chris Sprouse and Tommy Lee Edwards. The most recent instalment had been Jupiter’s Legacy: Requiem, illustrated by Edwards, which picks up the saga decades following the main series. It was published in 2021. Planned as a 12-issue maxiseries, only six issues were released before a hiatus – it is assumed that Finale is the remainder of the planned Requiem storyline.

On ending his long running Jupiter’s Legacy saga, Millar said:

“We started this book in 2012, when Barack Obama was still in his first term and now we’re finally finishing it, twelve years older and hopefully wiser. It’s been the longest story I’ve written in my career and an honour to work with some of the greatest artists in the modern industry. I had this plotted on my board a couple of years before and it’s so satisfying to see it all come together at last. I’m so proud of this book and want to thank everyone for their patience. I hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it. What other book out there can promise: The secret of the universe contained within?”

Last month it was announced that another ongoing Millar series, R-rated dark fantasy The Magic Order, was entering its fifth and final volume with a six-issue miniseries kicking off in September. Art will be by Matteo Buffagni and colors by Giovanna Niro.


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