Vault Comics and Aethon Books have announced a partnership that will lead to titles across comic books, graphic novels, ebooks, and audiobooks.


Vault is known for acclaimed titles such as Barbaric, Heathen, The Plot, and Money Shot while Aethon Books is a leading publisher of science fiction and fantasy ebooks and audiobooks such as He Who Fights With Monsters, Defiance of the Fall, Primal Hunter, and Drop Trooper.

Together, the two will offer adaptations and tie-ins of titles from the Vault library, while Vault will publish comic book and graphic novel adaptations and tie-ins of titles from the Aethon library, with the first round tentatively planned for 2024. 


“We can’t imagine better folks to partner with to expand our catalog into ebook and audiobook publishing than the team at Aethon. They have redefined what’s possible as an independent publisher in their category. As a devoted audiobook listener myself, I am particularly excited to offer Vault fans everywhere new ways to experience the story worlds they love through audiobooks and ebooks,” said Vault CEO, Damian Wassel. “I am equally excited to bring key Aethon titles and series to life in the comic book medium.”

“Working with Vault is a dream come true,” said Aethon Co-owner and COO Steve Beaulieu. “When meeting with their team, it’s as if looking into a mirror and seeing the same excitement for comics, music, and the genres that for us, are life itself. We look forward to many years together, producing the highest quality Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, and beyond.”

Check back for details!