Aethon Books has dropped some exciting news on the webcomic front. The indie publisher has partnered with rising webcomic studio Laurel Pursuit for premier webcomic projects. The huge investment and partnership will kickstart a new, innovative list of titles in the webcomics space. 

Aethon is no stranger to extending its reach and tapping into top creators and licensing deals, particularly on platforms such as Webtoon, Tapas, and VoyceMe. 

Aethon Books

Aethon Books CEO Rhett C. Bruno said in a statement, “It’s rare to find a partner that shares so much of the same vision. From producing quality content to treating creators fairly every step of the way, Laurel Pursuit simply gets it. We immediately knew this pairing will last a very long time.”

Aethon Books

Read more about Laurel Pursuit here:

Laurel Pursuit is a best-in-class art studio dedicated to bringing the latest innovation and highest quality art to the webcomics space. Building off incredible momentum with major clients (such as Overtime Sports and FaZe Clan) and publishers and webcomic publishers, Laurel Pursuit is excited to deliver standout projects with meaningful storylines and memorable characters.

“This is just the beginning,” said Laurel Pursuit CEO Taro Nakagawa. “Our vision together is to establish the first end-to-end webcomic adaptation pipeline in the West, creating hit projects that are fully equipped to scale to their full potential. We are proud to announce the following titles as our first joint projects.”

And the titles are…

  • Defiance of the Fall, by TheFirstDefier
    • System Universe, by SunriseCV
    • Reborn as a Demonic Tree, by Xkarnation
    • Oh Great, I was Reincarnated as a Farmer, by Benjamin Kerei
    • Bastion, by Phil Tucker
    • All the Skills, by Honour Rae
    • Mage Errant, by John Bierce
  • Super Powereds, by Drew Hayes

Stay tuned for updates and more from the partnership.