Arriving in May, Dark Fang, Vol. 1: Earth Calling collects issues 1-5 of the Image title about an underwater vampire’s eco-war against Big Oil.

Official PR follows:

Writer Miles Gunter (B.P.R.D.) and artist Kelsey Shannon (BASTARD SAMURAI) will release DARK FANG, VOL. 1: EARTH CALLING, collecting the first five issues of the eco-thriller, this May from Image Comics.

Valla has a vested interest in the survival of humankind. After all, humans are her primary food source.

When the ocean-dwelling vampire finds her aquatic paradise destroyed by a dark liquid plague, Valla takes to the surface in search of answers. What she finds is a world on the brink of ecological disaster, and a civilization powerless to stop it. If Valla wants to keep eating, she’ll have to take down the fossil fuel industries.

DARK FANG, VOL. 1: EARTH CALLING (ISBN: 978-1-5343-0654-7, Diamond code: FEB180548) hits comic book stores Wednesday, May 9th. The final order cutoff deadline for comics retailer is Monday, March 12th.



  1. Kelsey Shannon is a force…he’s up there with the rest of his former studio mates like Cully Hamner and Brian Stelfreeze, but he’s flying under the big editors’ radar. I hope someone scoops him up quick.

  2. And that wasn’t meant as a “no more Dark Fang” comment. His art has been beautiful on the series, well worth the admission, and that cover….look at that cover! He’s been able to pull double duty with this and Crusaders. I’m just greedy and want to see more of his work and in other high profile gigs.

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