On Free Comic Day Valiant teased the future of their comics line, revealing they’d be starting up new ongoing series for characters Ninjak and The Eternal Warrior, as well as something called ‘Unity’. Previously the name of a major crossover event from Valiant past, today the company have released two teaser images which mark down a new Unity will take place in November this year. Drawn by JG Jones and Clayton Crain, the two covers suggest one thing: X-O Manowar is in trouble.


On the cover of the JG Jones cover are characters from all across the current Valiant universe – there’s Ninjak, Livewire, The Eternal Warrior, and Harada (from Harbingers) all facing off against X-O Manowar. This is a major move for Valiant as a company. They’ve established a brand of just under ten monthly comics, and had a number of crossovers within those titles. This is their first time attempting to bring, it seems, every single title under one brand.


It’s also a chance to see how a company which ISN’T Marvel or DC handle the work of a crossover event. Image, if you’ll remember, didn’t have the best of luck with that.

We’ve spent the last few years focusing on things like Flashpoint, Fear Itself, Final Crisis, and a whole load of other events which didn’t start with ‘F’. It’s going to be worth keeping an eye on Valiant to see if they can stand up to the pressure and scheduling, and what exactly their plan for Unity will be.

No other news as of yet – just these two images, and nothing confirmed except the ‘November’ date. Something to keep an eye on, though.

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