Valiant have released a teaser today, which teases (as teasers are wont to do)  something coming up in July..


Well, I’m not a betting man, apart from the lottery which I bet on and lose every week – but could this be a new series from Valiant?  Hmmmm…


  1. If it isn’t Quantum & Woody, I’ll be very surprised.
    If it’s Quantum & Woody, and it isn’t written by Christoper Priest and drawn by Doc Bright, I’ll be very disappointed.

  2. Probably Quantum & Woody. And I hope the new Valiant sends them a nice royalty check even if they aren’t brought back to work on the book.

    And speaking of that, has anyone investigated Valiant’s stance on creator rights? Do they send a royalty check to Jim Shooter, Bob Layton, et al for the other characters?

  3. I’m always afraid of going back home again, so while I’m excited about the return of Quantum & Woody, I also know it could be really, really bad. That said, if Priest and Doc aren’t both back on this project, I won’t even bother.

  4. I find it weird that everyone’s even going to “What if it isn’t Priest and Bright?” I think the odds of them putting anyone else on Q&W are pretty slim. It’s a cult book with a small but dedicated audience — there wouldn’t be much point in trying to bring it back without the creators. I don’t think there’s anybody out there who wants to read Quantum and Woody but doesn’t care who writes or draws it, and I think Valiant is savvy enough to know that. The book’s a big enough risk even if they DO bring the original creators onboard and count on goodwill from existing fans; I really don’t see any upside to releasing it without Priest and Bright onboard.

    All that said? I’ll pick up #1 and see how it is even in the unlikely event that they put a different team on it. And hey, like Johnny said, at least Priest and Bright will get a check in that case.

    But seriously, I find it tremendously unlikely that they’d bring back Q&W without Priest and Bright. Even if they asked Priest and Bright and they said no, it just seems like there’s no audience for the book without them. …except for me picking up #1 and seeing how it is, I guess.

    But the important thing is: yay, new Quantum and Woody! I’ve been waiting to hear those words for…what the hell’s it been, fifteen years now? Close to it.

  5. It *must* be Priest (and hopefully Bright) — and not just the digital release of the finished issues — I want paper comics I can store with my treasured run of that series.

    And then more new issues…

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