X-O MANOWAR_Green-Tea-Blast

Leave it to Valiant to come up up with the most innovative comics book marketing tie-ins. This time they’ve come up with a special drink to celebrate their main man, X-0 Manorwar—the X-O Manowar Green Tea Blast, which will be available at Oren’s Daily Roast outlets around New York. When you buy the drink you’ll get a a Valiant-branded java jacket redeemable at Midtown Comics for a freeValiant comic (while supplies last.) AND if you present a Valiant Comic at Oren’s you’ll get 10% off your next purchase. A three way marketing tie-in!

x-0_matcha X-O MANOWAR_Oren's-Java-Jacket

But what is the beverage at the heart of this promotion? According to the PR it’s “a deliciously cold combination of frozen matcha green tea and vanilla perfect for the height of summer.” As a big fan of matcha tea, which pairs will with vanilla, that sounds intriguing, so I might just have to check this one out, although I limit my yummy frozen caffeine beverage intake to when absolutely necessary. This might be absolutely necessary is what I’m sayin’.

This special drink and deal will be available starting tomorrow—starting with an opening day invite only party at Oren’s Times Sq location.

In case you are not familiar with X-0 Manowar, he’s a brave Visigoth brought forward in time to defend the US with with his powerful weaponized armor. This week also kicked off Armor Hunters, Valiant’s summer crossover which stars X-0.

Comics and caffeiene, my favorite combo.




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