Valiant Entertainment’s busy month for personnel moves presses on with another promotion and two new hires.

Valiant has promoted David Menchel to assistant editor. Menchel, who joined Valiant two years ago, will now have a more direct role in developing the publisher’s stories across its line. Meanwhile, Drew Baumgartner is joining Valiant as an assistant editor after coming aboard the company as an editorial intern earlier in the year, and Zane Warman has been named Valiant’s domestic licensing coordinator. Warman, who has prior experience in music journalism, will work closely with Valiant’s international licensing coordinator, Oliver Taylor.

These personnel moves come in the wake of other shakeups after Valiant. Last week saw the departure of executive editor, Joseph Illidge, followed by the promotion of Robert Meyers to senior editorial director.

In the middle of all of these moves, Valiant also found time to roll out some of its plans for 2019, which the company is calling Breakthrough. With a Bloodshot movie also headed for release soon, it’s a pretty consequential time for the publisher and its characters.

Full press releases for the two most recent moves are below:

Valiant Entertainment Names David Menchel as Associate Editor

Valiant Entertainment is happy to announce that Assistant Editor David Menchel has been promoted to Associate Editor. In his new role, Menchel will work closely with writers, artists, and other comic creators to continue to develop the best stories for Valiant’s iconic characters and dedicated fans. Menchel also played a critical role in helping to develop Valiant’s recently announced BREAKTHROUGH lineup of titles.

“Since joining the team almost two years ago, David has proven himself to be a vital part of the Valiant family,” said Senior Editorial Director Robert Meyers. “As the Assistant Editor across the Valiant line, David proved he has a deep understanding of the Valiant Universe and that he possessed a genuine excitement for our characters. An impeccable storyteller in his own right, David is ready to take this next step in his career, and I’m thrilled to see him grow.”

“I’m ecstatic to further my career at Valiant as I step into the role of Associate Editor,” said Menchel. “Valiant boasts an incredibly creative and unique environment, full of the best creators and artists in the industry. I am proud to be a member of their editorial team, and look forward to helping in the expansion of the Valiant Universe through new and exciting adventures.”

Valiant Entertainment Adds Zane Warman and Drew Baumgartner

Valiant Entertainment is proud to announce two new hires: Drew Baumgartner joins Valiant HQ as Assistant Editor, and Zane Warman has been named to the position of Domestic Licensing Coordinator.

Baumgartner, who has been contributing to the growth of the Valiant Universe as an Editorial intern since earlier this year and was instrumental in the publisher’s rollout of its recent BREAKTHROUGH initiative, will play a key role in the development of Valiant’s upcoming titles (more info on that very soon!) and the expansion of the universe and its fan-favorite characters.

“I’m excited to announce the hiring of Drew Baumgartner to the Valiant editorial team,” stated Senior Editorial Director Robert Meyers. “Drew has been writing and thinking about comics for many years, and is always ready for a deeper conversation about comics as both art and entertainment. As an intern, Drew has shown that he will be a bright addition to the Valiant family. He brings a keen intellect, a love for the medium, and an A+ mustache to our team.”

“Valiant is a special place,” said Baumgartner. “I’ve been reading and loving Valiant comics for years, so it’s thrilling to be working with these amazing characters, creators, and editors. With so many new series planned in the coming months, this is an exciting place to be. I’m pumped to be part of the team!”

Warman, who will join forces with International Licensing Coordinator Oliver Taylor, will aid in the establishment and coordination of domestic licensing relationships, as well as schedule and take part in product development and coordinate with Valiant’s Marketing team to spread the word about new licensing relationships.

“At first glance, we were very impressed with Zane’s background,” said Russ Brown, President of Consumer Products, Promotions, and Ad Sales. “Couple this with his deep-level interest in the Valiant IP and belief in its enormous merchandising potential, we look forward to his contribution on Team Valiant.”

“I’ve always loved being a part of impassioned, close-knit teams working to bring brilliant art and artists into the spotlight,” Warman expressed. “It’s a common theme that’s threaded its way through my various professional experiences, from years of editorial work at The Fader, Paste Magazine, and Billboard, to my recent stint as a Marketing Assistant for a talent-buying company. That I am able to transfer that passion to the like-minded, hyper-talented team at Valiant, and during a transformative time for the company, is exhilarating and a real honor.”