joe illidge

Joe Illidge, who joined Valiant as Executive Editor back in April,Executive Editor back in April, is no longer at the company, the Beat has confirmed.

Illidge, who was formerly an editor at Milestone and DC, started the year at Lion Forge, so it’s been quite a year for him. However, he sounded upbeat in a statement:

I’ve had a lot of dynamic and provocative conversations the last few days –  and am excited to be connecting with people who are truly ready to explore the deep and inherently powerful connections between character and culture in contemporary comics and other media. Stay tuned!!

At this time, Valiant does not plan to replace Illidge’s position.

The news broke mere hours after a regime change at IDW was announced, making the last days of 2018 pretty dramatic for comics. If you want to see how Illidge started at the publisher, here’s our intro interview. 

I’m told that Valiant remains fairly stable even with its new Chinese-related owner, although Marketing Manager Victoria McNally also left the company recently. However plans for 2019 – otherwise known as the Year of Waiting for the Bloodshot Movie – haven’t been revealed yet. Look for more announcements on that coming soon.

Man, what a week and it’s only Tuesday.


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