Marvel announced on Wednesday that The Unstoppable Wasp is returning for a new story in a YA novel written by Sam Maggs. Nadia van Dyne, the character fans fell in love with, is said to reunite with her G.I.R.L. (Genius In action Research Labs) team when the book releases in 2020 from Marvel Press.

The book is said to take heavy influence from its comic predecessor of the same name by Jeremy Whitley and Gurihiru. This news couldn’t be better for a story that ended, for many fans, far too soon. Just a few months ago, Marvel announced the series’ cancellation at issue #10. Whitley said he was comfortable with where the story was ending — that he had even planned for it — but The Unstoppable Wasp would continue to make an impact on readers thanks to its handling of mental illness.

At the time, Whitley encouraged readers to hold out hope for Nadia’s return. Today that optimism pays off as he passes the torch to Maggs for her Unstoppable Wasp YA novel. Maggs is a renowned author whose bylines range everywhere from IDW to Marvel, Insomniac’s Spider-Man DLC, several anthologies and even on PC Gamer and The Guardian. She’s also working Abrams’ Sirens of the Southern Seas with Kendra Wells. In a Twitter thread, Maggs gives her thoughts on her upcoming Marvel project.

And Whitley himself chimed in as well, adding his own thanks and excitement to see Nadia’s story continue. Maggs, a fan of the comics herself, made a point to talk to Whitley about the G.I.R.L.s, hoping to capture the elements that helped create each of them.

“I am thrilled and so honored to be taking the Unstoppable Wasp on her next adventure with Marvel Press. Nadia Van Dyne’s scientific genius is matched only by her boundless optimism; she’s an incredible role model and exactly the kind of Super Hero I think we need right now,” Maggs tells Marvel. She adds, “With her brilliant and diverse G.I.R.L. squad by her side, there’s nothing Nadia can’t do. Or is there!?! Guess you’ll have to pick up the novel to find out…”

In her upcoming YA novel, the Unstoppable Wasp sets out once again to balance her life as a scientist, a superhero and a friend — oh yeah, and stepdaughter to a founding Avenger. Like all of us, Nadia has an endless list of things she wants to do and not nearly enough time.

Pre-order your copy now to see how she handles it when Nadia van Dyne returns in The Unstoppable Wasp YA novel next year.

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