You know how everyone is talking about those new streaming channels on YouTube and elsewhere? Narrowcasting meets broadband. It’s all the rage. So are zombies. Thus a zombie Chris Hardwick (via Walking Dead makeup master Greg Nicotero) has announced the Nerdist Channel on YouTube, which will feature news on comics, gaming, and other nerd-friendly content. So far, you can expect Neil Patrick Harris, Rob Zombie, The Kids in the Hall, and the blog Awkward Family Photos as part of the programming mix.

The operation is a joint venture between Nerdist, Jim Henson Company, Nerdist News (Formerly Geek Chic Daily) and Broadway Video Entertainment. Translation: G4 with puppets and a bit more authenticity.

Our pals at Comic Book Club are also part of the Nerdist Network now, so you might see them popping up here as well.