It’s a sad but all too common story: a freelancer with no insurance is injured and racks up a hefty medical bill.

In this case, it’s artist Ulises Farinas who sliced his thumb up good. Although he’s recovering fully, he needs to pay the bills and is
selling some amazing art:

I have a lot of art. Like hundreds of pages of comics, illustrations, and random things i’ve drawn over the years. And I recently sliced my thumb open (it’s all healed up now), but with no health insurance, it’s a pretty big bill. So i decided to finally get off my butt, and scan my original inks, and put them up for sale.

We’ve linked to Farinas here many times–he draws in the neo-Moebius style with an incredible level of detail and imagination. In fact, if he avoids slicing up his fingers, we expect him to be a superstar some day. Get some art while it’s cheap. You won’t regret it.

A few pages (clicken to embiggen):




Much more in the link. Hurry to get the good stuff!