John Morrow, the publisher behind TwoMorrows Publishing, has put out a call for help from past customers of the company. The latest newsletter from the publisher of magazines like Back IssueDraw!, and Alter Ego described financial troubles due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the Diamond distribution shutdown.

“Just as our 25th Anniversary book and six new magazines were about to go on sale, our distributors, comics shops and bookstores all shut down,” the newsletter from Morrow reads. “We were left with huge losses from unsellable copies that had to be destroyed, printing bills to pay, and no idea when we’ll start receiving payments again.” A more detailed account from the publisher on their website specifically mentions the Diamond shutdown, as well as the shutdown of a bookstore distributor that would’ve sent copies of TwoMorrows publications to Barnes & Noble.

The newsletter goes on to suggest a few ways fans can support them, including purchasing half-year subscriptions and buying back issues of some of their magazines from their webstore for 40% off.

In addition to the numerous magazines TwoMorrows puts out, they’ve also done some great series of books documenting the history of comics, as well as spotlighting certain creators (most notably Jack Kirby), characters, and genres. It would be a shame to see TwoMorrows unable to continue the great work they do because of this pandemic. Even with Diamond open and (hopefully) paying their bills again, TwoMorrows doesn’t sound like they’re out of the woods yet.

I’ve personally been meaning to pick up their oral history of the DC Implosion of the late ’70s, and now seems like a good opportunity to do so. Maybe I’ll grab some Modern Masters books while I’m at it. If you can, head over to the TwoMorrows shop now and pick something up to help them get through a tough time.


  1. I highly recommend Back Issue! I have read through about a dozen issues is that magazine in the past, and they have all been top notch for journalism content and art selection/reproduction. Each issue typically focuses on a theme, character, etc. such as Flash in the 80s, the works of women creators in the 70s, or war comics. The books are also good based on what I’ve sampled over the last few years.

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