With both their #3 characters, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern, sitting on the bench in the Hollywood Bowl for now, DC Entertainment must turn to their thousands of other characters for someone to enter the game and score some points. Luckily there are many of them, and several are as colorful as Deadman, who is being developed as a possible TV show for the CW. ‘Supernatural’ producer Eric Kripke is doing the developing for Warner Bros TV.

Deadman, created by Arnold Roth and Carmine Infantino but defined by Neal Adams and later drawn by Kelley Jones, and John Watkiss, would seem to be well suited to ride into network battle, to replace the departing Smallville. An intriguing character with a strong origin — a murdered circus performer who comes back from the dead to inhabit others while searching for his killer — he’s a strong contender. And WB is excited again:

“We’re looking next year to do a superhero show if the right superhero comes to be,” CW president Mark Pedowitz said at TCA last month, noting the advantage of having Time Warner-owned DC Comics in the family. (CW is a joint venture of Warner Bros Entertainment and CBS). Getting Kripke to develop Deadman seems like a no-brainer as he is the man behind CW’s longest-running scripted series on the air.


  1. Hope DC continues to mine the vast collection of IP’s.
    Now, let’s get a Suicide Squad Street Fighter- style/ Halo – style hybrid video game, a Justice Society of America radio play podcast show, and Jimmy Olsen animated series going.

  2. “DC Entertainment must turn to their thousands of other characters …”

    Must? This is what they should have been doing all along. Same with Marvel. You’d think people would have seen the potential with BLADE.