Hey y’all. It’s Anne Ishii, previously of Vertical, guest-blogging for the next few days alongside Mark. I hope you had wonderful Thanksgivings. i.e. Not the kind where you go to the movies alone and then get sick on popcorn and your flask of plasticky bourbon, come home, and watch ten hours of Law&Order. [Having done these things on holidays previous, I empathize and feel the immunity to ridicule.]

So…let’s start this baby right. First, this wouldn’t be a comics blog without mention of Neil Gaiman in a context other than his own writing.

Gaiman Pimps Amazon Kindle. [I couldn’t help but notice though, the footage is unusually long. Viz: “Director” cycling his fingers and nodding at Gaiman, gesturing to keep going because it’s great; yelling “cut!” only after he’s passed out.]

Second, this wouldn’t be a blog if I weren’t making fun of someone.

Canadian Choreographs Interpretive Dance Piece About Manga

Poor guy gets torn apart by this Toronto Star Dance Critic.


  1. Shame on Gaiman. Kindle with it’s control obsessions is to restrictive. The Iliad Reader is a much better bit of kit and will deal with most popular formats unlike the Kindle. (Dumb thing won’t even handle pdf) and they want to charge you for content you can get free on the web. Don’t get sucked in by the PR.

  2. Anne! Welcome!
    I’m spending next Thanksgiving with you! Bourbon turkey sauced with Wild Turkey? No leftovers (but a big hangover!)
    re: eBooks… wait until the ink technology is wedded to web phones. THEN the market will explode! (reading this on a Sprint Sanyo Vi2300)