The writers are still striking. Godspeed, o scribes! Nay the nectar of thine muse doth protest ill…

An oldie but goodie:

WIRED magazine blog points out the irony of WGA protest signs being so lame.

They may be able to pen some of the most riveting dramas and hilarious comedies this side of the Atlantic, but Writers Guild of America members can’t seem to be bothered to think up a witty slogan — and everyone’s a critic.

Jamie Lee Curtis, who writes children’s books when she’s not fighting hermaphrodite rumors, spent a post on the Huffington Post on the topic.

I am for the writers. They are the starting point for any movie or TV project so without a writer, there is no content. My beef is that the slogans that they are chanting are so poorly written.

“What do we want?… INTERNET!… When do we want it?… NOW!”

That’s the best these writers can come up with?

Too bad her suggestions are just as lame.

But that’s not all. They started a WGA Strike Slogan Contest. Below, arguably the best entrty:

We write, they wrong.


  1. Let’s see…

    Hey, hey, ho, ho!
    Tell producers we want more dough!


    Kokomo, Ketchikan, Kalamazoo!
    Raise our rates, or piss on you!

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