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Via Concedearte, these folks just got married! Don’t know who they are.

1985Bagge Fleener
You’ve seen this everywhere, but I gotta link to it too: Mary In Comic Con Land, Mary Fleener’s amazing 80s convention photos. Hundreds. Above, Joanne Bagge, Jason Bourne (Aka Peter Bagge) and Fleener meet in 1985 for the first time. That was the first time I met Mary Fleener, too.


Colleen Doran has posted HER Halloween photos with Amanda Connor, The Beat, and more.


Colleen has also posted more old photos. In this one:

From left, Bill Sienkiewicz – very blonde – next to the very tall Jim Shooter. Yeah, Bill’s kinda petite, but Jim is also kinda tall. Then we have Trina Robbins and Mark Hempel. Some wiseacre is trying to make the V sign over Mark’s head as Mark blows me a kiss (lucky me). The person is taking revenge on Mark because every time Mark took a Polaroid photo of me, he would crop the man standing next to me out of it.

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