DramaQueen is one of a number of small manga publishers that has sprung up in the past few years, specializing in boy’s love and other female-targeted manga. They’ve been around since 2005, but haven’t published a book since Sept. 2007. Recently, publisher Tran Nguyen told Brigid Alverson that they would be back up on their feet this month. One of their translators spilled the beans on a more accurate picture on the locked Drama Queen forum but the Boys Next Door blog picked up the posting. The jist is that DQ is still looking for investors, but hasn’t found any, and they may actually be looking at shutting down if something doesn’t come through.

We don’t follow the BL/yaoi end of things as closely as we could, but it seems that between this and the odd goings on at Yaoi House, there’s a bit of a shakeout in the category. While these aren’t necessarily related to the all the financial woes at Borders — the biggest American supporter of Yaoi — the whole thing does fit together to present some rocky patches in the future for this particular category.


  1. This is sad, I really enjoy the titles “DVD” and “Audition” they put out by Kye Young Chon. They don’t happen to be BL titles, but they have really fun and unique art and storytelling. I hope they get investors.