Oh boy are there a lot of rumors swirling around Tokyopop! At BEA everyone had one. We’re not going to repeat any until we’ve had a chance to follow up on some of them, but our email is full of tales of woe and horror from creators — some of them frankly quite surprising to us considering the public picture that has been presented. This story is going to bust loose sooner rather than later, and it ain’t gonna be pretty.



  1. Wow, that is some tease. And even though I am now down to exactly one Tokyopop title (“Beck”), if things are as dire as they sound, that would be some very sad circumstances for this once-cool (now, unfortunately, not so much), once-trendsetting, once-visionary company.

  2. Huh. Well, I can only hope that “Beck” is on the list of “successful continuing series”, though it was really on the bubble back in the days of Tokyopop’s big “web exclusive” scare, iirc.

    My heart goes out to those laid-off, though. Here’s hoping they can quickly find new employment elsewhere.