Skybound and Hasbro’s Energon Universe is getting ready to expand with the launch of Daniel Warren Johnson‘s Transformers series in October. Johnson and colorist Mike Spicer are teaming for a story that reimagines the arrival of the Autobots and Decepticons on Earth and sets the stage for big things to come from the shared universe that will also include G.I. Joe-centric titles Duke and Cobra Commander. Today Skybound released a first interior preview for Transformers #1, which introduces the series’ human protagonists as they make a shocking discovery.

Here’s how Skybound describes Transformers #1:

Optimus Prime was supposed to have led the Autobots to victory. Instead, the fate of Cybertron is unknown, and his allies have crash-landed far from home, alongside their enemies—the Decepticons. As these titanic forces renew their war on Earth, one thing is immediately clear: the planet will never be the same. New alliances are struck. Battle lines are redrawn. Humanity’s only hope for survival is Optimus Prime. 

The publisher has previously revealed the lineups for the Autobots and Decepticons who will be appearing in the series, at least initially. Among the heroic Autobots will be Optimus Prime, Ratchet, Cliffjumper, Arcee, and Wheeljack; Starscream, Rumble, Skywarp, Laserbeak, and Soundwave make up the evil forces of the Decepticons.

Along with multiple covers by Johnson & Spicer, Transformers #1 will also sport variant covers by Ryan Ottley (open-to-order), Orlando Arocena (1:10 incentive), Cliff Chiang (1:25 incentive), Francis Manapul (1:50 incentive), and Ian Bertram (1:100 incentive spoiler cover). An open-to-order blank sketch cover will also be available.

The Energon Universe officially kicked off in June in the pages of Robert KirkmanLorenzo De Felici‘s Void Rivals #1. The issue saw a pair of aliens, crash-landed on an unknown world, stumble across the Autobot Jetfire while trying to repair their ship. Jetfire’s appearance was brief, as he woke up, said some stuff about needing to get back to Cybertron, and immediately flew off, and it’s unknown where the character will pop up again.

Check out all the variant covers, as well as four interior pages from Transformers #1 below. The issue is set to arrive in stores and digitally on Wednesday, October 4th. You can also read an early review of the issue, based on an ashcan that was available at San Diego Comic Con, here.