Or that’s what SCOTT PILGRIM director Edgar Wright just tweeted:

No joke. @TPAIN and @ChrisBrown do Scott Pilgrim. http://youtu.be/_wmD3M-BfVo Complete with flyer straight from the movie. Wow.

And if you watch the above, we think you will agree.



  1. So does nobody have to actually be able to, you know, SING anymore or is sounding like a Dalek considered good enough these days?

  2. I made it 37 seconds into the video then my brain shut off. Should’ve shut it off before then. Perhaps I would’ve made it farther.

  3. Millions of dollars at their disposal to make a video, and they have NO idea what made that sequence (my favorite, by the way) in the movie special and unique, or what made it actually work. So all they have to show for it is a surface video that make people think they ripped off a great movie. Good move, fellas.

  4. True. Whoever made this had no clue what made the original so amazing. While I like T-Pain, yeah, I can do without that sack of crap Chris Brown.

    AutoTuning is getting pretty damn ridiculous. Though with what I’ve seen of T-Pain I kinda dig it for some reason. If you are going for that robot voice, go all the way. Yet too many artists are using it to replace regular singing, not as a special effect or your oddball sound. The oddball sound of a robot voice shouldn’t be the standard. It should be an oddball sound.

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