McFarlane toys showed off a number of toy lines at Toy Fair

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones toys from McFarlane Toys will reach shelves just in time for the launch of the new season. The Ice King! That Ice Dragon with its icy flame!

I want this dragon on my desk.

Stranger Things

McFarlane Toys promised more Stranger Things toys in 2019. This coincides with season 3 of the show, which launches later this year. They had the current wave of figures available in-store on display.

Unfortunately,  because the models contain spoilers for season 3 of Stranger Things, McFarlane Toys displayed no season 3 figures at Toy Fair, just this poster.


Fortnite quickly became one of McFarlane’s hottest properties. McFarlane is expanding on the Fortnite line with more figures and new accessories.

Some of the accessories are life-sized!

The Fortnite line of action figures from McFarlane evolved what the toy maker brought to the table in regards to articulation. The company recognizes its customers want more articulation and they plan to deliver. Expect the Fortnite articulation to be expanded out to McFarlane’s other action figure lines. This bodes well for fans eagerly awaiting what McFarlane has in store for its newly acquired DC license.

Harry Potter

Perhaps the most anticipated of McFarlane’s Toy Fair offerings is its Harry Potter line of action figures. I was able to get close up looks at the prototypes, but because they were still pending licensor approval, they enforced a strict policy of no photos allowed. I can report on them though, and the figures look great! Each figure is multi-jointed, with articulation similar to those found in McFarlane’s Fortnite line. Voldemort and the Dementor each come with fabric capes. But coolest of all? Harry, Hermione and Ron each come packed with their respective patronuses, and Voldemort comes packed with Nagini. And the patronuses? They look amazing! For now though, this is all you get to see of the figures.