McFarlane Toys today unveiled another new entry in their DC Multiverse lineup of 7″ action figures. Batman: The Ultimate Movie Collection is a six-pack of action figures featuring all of the live-action versions of Batman beginning with the 1989 version. Included in the set are four figures McFarlane has previously released – the Michael Keaton, Christian BaleBen Affleck, and Robert Pattinson iterations of the dark knight – as well as two brand-new figures of George Clooney and Val Kilmer in their respective Batman suits. 

(Of course, everyone knows that a true Ultimate Movie Collection would also include Adam West as Batman from the ’66 film, but maybe McFarlane has plans for a separate set of West, Lewis Wilson, and Robert Lowery in their Batsuits. Given how many Batman figures McFarlane has already produced, this thought probably isn’t totally ludicrous.)

Along with the figures, the set will also include a bat-signal diorama with swappable lenses for the different Batmen, six figure stands, and trading cards for each Batman.

The new set actually marks the second time that a high-quality figure of Val Kilmer’s Batman Forever caped crusader has been released. The previous version was produced by Mattel as part of their DC Multiverse Movie Masters series. This will, however, be the first time that George Clooney’s Batman has been rendered in highly-detailed 7″ scale, and from the looks of it McFarlane absolutely nailed it, nipples and all.

Check out images of the set and its six figures below. Batman: The Ultimate Movie Collection 6-pack is available for preorder now.