The Top Comics to Buy for July 27, 2022, sees three out of five highlighted books come for the Big 2, with all three of them essentially serving as new beginnings. What’s interesting, though, is that within that, two of the titles — Ant-Man #1  and Superman – Space Age #1 — are trying to do something new by looking at the many (many) years of character back story that have come before them. Both approaches also feature top-tier creators swinging big.

You can find more about those two books, my three other highlighted choices, and the usual list of other recommendations below…enjoy!

Top Comics to Buy for July 27, 2022

Ant-Man #1
Writer: Al Ewing
Artist: Tom Reilly
Colorist: Jordie Bellaire
Letterer: Cory Petit
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Flash back to the early days of Hank Pym’s career as the astonishing Ant-Man! It’s date night for Hank and his girlfriend Janet Van Dyne, but nobody told that to Ant-Man’s enemies! Watch as Hank’s ant-agonists band together to finally take down the scientific adventurer! But will anyone come to his rescue? And who is the mysterious stranger who stalks him? Join Al Ewing (IMMORTAL HULK) and Tom Reilly (THE THING) as they explore the history of every hero (past, present and future!) called Ant-Man!
Why It’s Cool: In the way that these things sometimes happen, not one but two of the titles on are list today are interested in sort of relitigating the chronology of their long-running superhero character (the other being Superman – Space Age #1, see below). This one is the more madcap of the two, and it’s absolutely fantastic, pairing Al Ewing’s unpredictable sci-fi sensibilities with Tom Reilly’s stellar artwork (colored here by Jordie Bellaire). I know going in that I was going to like this comic, and yet it still somehow exceeded my expectations.
Price: $3.99

Detective Comics #1062
Writer: Ram V., back-up by Si Spurrier
Artist: Rafael Albuquerque, back-up by DaNi
Colorist: Dave Stewart 
Letterer: Ariana Maher, back-up by Steve Wands
Publisher: DC Comics
GOTHAM NOCTURNE PART 1 OF 4: OVERTURE. It’s a new era for the detective of the night as we introduce award-winning new series writer Ram V (Catwoman, The Many Deaths of Laila Starr), and artist extraordinaire Rafael Albuquerque (American Vampire, Superman/Batman)! Together, they’ll be turning Gotham into a tragic yet beautiful gothic opera for our eyes and ears to feast on. Something is terribly wrong with Batman. No matter the tests Bruce takes, nor the numbers he counts, the greatest detective in the world can’t pin down the source of this creeping dread-of his own inner demons and a looming mortality. Meanwhile, real demons roam the shadows as an ancient melody haunts the Gotham night. Here now the curtains rise and as the eerie tune streams in…who is human, who is demon, who is to tell? As Batman investigates the songs and the demons of Gotham, he is forced to confront the oldest question…whether there has been a demon within him all along…and if so, what does it want?…and why hasn’t it taken over yet?
Why It’s Cool:
I wrote a full review of this one earlier today in our weekly DC Round-Up column, but to summarize it in brief — this is confident and interesting comic that leans into the gothic side of Gotham and Batman, delivering a gorgeous book with a sparse script that gets out of the way and lets the visuals cook, to great effect.

I Hate This Place #3
Writer: Kyle Starks
Artist: Artyom Topilin
Colorist: Lee Loughridge
Letterer: Pat Brosseau
Publisher: Image Comics / Skybound
At their wits’ end, Gabby and Trudy have called on the help of famous ghost hunter Dante Howitzer. But can he actually help with the mysterious and terrifying phenomena occupying this land? Or will he find out exactly why the woods are off limits?
Why It’s Cool:
I have liked this title from the start, imagining as it does a house that is haunted by basically everything. Now three issues in, this series continues to make great use of that concept, but what really picks up in this issue is the artwork, with artist ArtyomTopilin (colored here by Lee Loughridge) doing basically a star horror comics turn. Anyway, I continue to recommend this series without reservation, ranking as it does as one of the best monthly horror stories in comics.

Public Domain #2
Writer/Artist/Letterer: Chip Zdarsky
Publisher: Image Comics
After last issue’s bombshell revelation, the Dallas brothers turn to the one person who can save them: SAMMY SOCKEM! Note to speculators: this is the first appearance of “Sammy Sockem.”
Why It’s Cool:
It’s amazing to me how the same topic — major IP-owning corporations that turn out giant movies and wave after wave of merchandise, yet don’t compensate original creators fairly — can feel so frustrating and yet make for such an interesting story. But that’s what’s happening in Public Domain, the new book by Chip ZdarskyIn addition to knowledge of the thorny topic, Zdarsky is bringing to this book a keen interest in family dynamics, specifically the parent-child relationship as the former ages, and the result is a great read.

Superman: Space Age #1
Writer: Mark Russell
Artist: Mike Allred
Colorist: Laura Allred
Letterer: Dave Sharpe
Publisher: DC Comics
Meet Clark Kent, a young reporter who just learned that the world will soon come to an end (Crisis on Infinite Earths) and there is nothing he can do to save it. Sounds like a job for his alter ego…Superman! After years of standing idle, the young man from Krypton defies the wishes of his fathers to come out to the world as the first superhero of the Space Age. As each decade passes and each new danger emerges, he wonders if this is the one that will kill him and everyone he loves. Superman realizes that even good intentions are not without their backlash as the world around him transforms into a place as determined to destroy itself as he is to save it. Uniting the critically acclaimed writer Mark Russell (One-Star Squadron, The Flintstones) and Eisner-winner Mike Allred (Silver Surfer, Bowie: Stardust, Rayguns & Moonage Daydreams) for the first time, this series promises fans an unforgettable journey through U.S. history and culture starring our beloved characters.
Why It’s Cool:
Like Detective Comics #1062 before it, I wrote about this title in our weekly DC Round-Up, so I will abbreviate my thoughts here just noting that this comic features two top-tier creators telling an absolutely grandiose epic of a superhero story, one that moves through time. It’s great stuff, and a must-read this week for long-time fans of Superman or DC Comics, in particular.

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Trade Collections and New Graphic Novels of Note

  • Batman Rebirth: The Deluxe Edition Book 6 HC
  • Daredevil: Woman Without Fear TP
  • Ghost Cage TP
  • Iron Man (2020) Vol. 3: Books of Korvac III Cosmic Iron Man TP
  • Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow TP