Early 20th century cartoonist Tad Dorgan has been voted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame along with Pernell “Sweet Pea” Whitaker and Roberto “No mas” Duran. We couldn’t find any examples of his boxing strips online, but he was a sports cartoonist as well as a reporter and journalist. According to Wikipedia he also coined many phrases that The Beat finds useful to this day, like

“for crying out loud” (an exclamation of astonishment); “cat’s meow” and “cat’s pajamas” (as superlatives); “applesauce” (nonsense); “cheaters” (eyeglasses); “skimmer” (a hat); “hard-boiled” (a tough person); “drugstore cowboy” (loafers or ladies’ men); “nickel-nurser” (a miser); “as busy as a one-armed paperhanger” (overworked); and “Yes, we have no bananas,” which was turned into a popular song.

Holy crap, we need to vote this guy into the Jargon Hall of Fame!


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