The week between SPX and the Brooklyn Book Festival s usually crowded with events and this is no exception. Tonight, things kick off at Bergen Stree Comics with A Live Reading with Julia Wertz and MariNaomi!:

Two of the the most spectacular people in comics on one night, reading from their fresh-from-the-printer new books? It doesn’t get better than that! Come on out to and let MariNaomi and Julia Wertz remind you that in the contest for funniest comics on the scene, we’re all scrambling around for third place. (Because they have the first two spots, you see.) Besides the new books, the live reading and the general joie de vivre, they’ve even promised a signing to boot. You have to be here. It’s not even a question. YOU HAVE TO BE HERE.

Wertz and MariNaomi do have two of the freshest books out there so stop on by.