We mentioned yesterday that the Brooklyn Book Festival is raging throughout the boroughs this week with a ton of Bookend Events, but the MUST DO is tonight: a party to celebrate 10 years os First Second at the newish Brooklyn comics shop Mama Says Comics Rock.

Thursday, September 15 

Come join us Thursday, September 15th at 7 PM to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of First Second Publishing at Mama Says Comics Rock! This bookend event will feature Faith Erin Hicks (Demonology 101, Zombies Calling, The Nameless City), along with others so you’re not going to want to miss this. Grab a bite, grab a book, or just swing by to say hello!

First Second, led by editorial director Mark Siegel aided by his field marshals Calista Brill and Gina Gagliano, have helped rewrite the graphic novel landscape over the last decade, from early hits like The Photographer to such award winning classics as American Born Chinese, This One Summer and Zita the Spacegirl.

This fall’s First Second books include Tetris: The Games People Play by Box Brown, a riveting look at the insane melodrama bout the games cration and Beat Pick Demon, the first print volme of Jason Shiga’s mind bending webcomic. And of course, Hicks’ own excellent The Namelesss City is still burning up the shelves.

OH and while we’re at it, up at the top is the cover to the SECOND volume of Demon, due out in February and not previously seen here at the Beat.