limerence-primary-wAre you woke to the greatness that is Limerence Press?  The imprint, which focuses on sex-positive erotic and educational comics, was launched by Invader Zim and Scott Pilgrim publisher Oni Press earlier this year and made a splash when it debuted with the publication of Erika Moen’s and Matthew Nolan’s raunchily informative Oh Joy Sex Toy volume one.  Since then, Limerence has gone on to publish another volume of the sex education comic with a third on the way this November. Exclusively, we’re happy to reveal today that Limerence Press will be publishing a fourth volume of the hit Oh Joy Sex Toy series next February because there is always more to learn about our bodies.

In addition, Limerence unveiled two brand new offerings set to debut over the course of the next two years.  For teens and adults looking for advice on dating, gender, and coming out, there’s The Queer Health Field Guide and Mady G and Jude Vigants.  Then, for those looking for something a little raunchier and cathartic, The Glass Mountain Coloring Book by Trungles is a beautiful erotic adult coloring book that interprets a classic fairy tale.

Check out the solicits and cover images below. Some content might be considered NSFW by your workplace so consider yourself warned!



Every week Erika Moen draws a cornucopia (pornucopia?) of fun, naughty pairings for the critically-acclaimed sex education comic Oh Joy Sex Toy. Now YOU can join in the sexy fun by adding your own color choices in Oh Joy Sex Toy: The Coloring Book! An alluring collection of NSFW illustrations, featuring a wide variety of sexy humans, awaits you! Whether you want to color for relaxation, saucy enjoyment, or to make a unique work of art for a special someone, this book is sure to please. “I had a blast making all these naughty drawings and I’m delighted at the thought of people adding their own artistic touches to them!” says Erika Moen. Oh Joy Sex Toy: The Coloring Book goes on sale in comics shops and bookstores on February 8, 2017 (just in time for Valentine’s Day)!


The Queer Health Field Guide is an educational comic appropriate for both teens and adults that covers subjects such as dating, sexuality, gender, and coming out, presented in a friendly and conversational way. Cartoonists and book creators Mady G and Jude Vigants say, “The Queer Health Field Guide has the potential to educate and break down barriers between people of all walks of life. We’d like to engage people academically as well as easily articulate the science and sociology behind our bodies and identity, with an emphasis on transgender health. We are putting our all into this, with extensive research and many personal interviews. The personal journey one embarks on can be terrifying and exhausting–so we are here to hold your hand through it with this book!” The Queer Health Field Guide goes on sale in comic shops and bookstores in 2018.


Limerence Press announces The Glass Mountain Coloring Book by Trungles, an erotic coloring book for adults. Offering a loose interpretation of the fairy tale by the same name, the book will feature illustrations that tell the story of an enchanted lover on a glass hill. “I’m so glad to see coloring books are growing up along with us! It’s my hope that folks will find this book somewhere between meditation, play, and erotic fantasy,” says Trungles. The Glass Mountain Coloring Book goes on sale in comic shops and bookstores in September 2017.

You can check out an uncensored version of The Glass Mountain Coloring Book cover as well!

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