It’s not quite Jon Stewart/Jim Cramer…but it should be fun. Colbert previously dissed The Graveyard Book, Gaiman’s best selling, Newbery Award winning book, but given Colbert’s not-so-secret nerd leanings, maybe it was all just a trick to meet Neil Gaiman.

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  1. Note that he’s the second of two guests listed, which usually means he’ll have a short interview at the main C-shaped desk (or via video) in the first half of the show, not the main interview by the fireplace in the second half of the show, so tune in early if you want to be sure to catch it.

  2. Good to see Neil keep up with Colbert, he didn’t really counter-nail him but Colbert always received a sharp response.

    Neil also slipped in a plug for McKean and Speigelman. Go comics!

    Still kinda weird seeing Neil without the leather jacket and sunglasses. Some images linger longer than reality.

  3. It was….okay. Nothing special, but considering the circumstances Gaiman was under (as mentioned by poster Jeremy) I guess that might have contributed to the tame interview.

  4. love the show but colbert lets the guests say just about nothing. drives me nuts sometimes, especially when he has an intelligent guest.


  5. The not letting the guest get a word in edgewise sometimes bothers me whenever the guest appears to be saying something I am interested in hearing. However, this is primarily an entertainment show, so I am a lot more forgiving of him than I have been of people like Tom Snyder, who I hated for the same reason.

  6. That’s just it. Colbert is almost always doing it for laughs, and really, to mock the news commentators who don’t allow their guests any time to express their thoughts. I love it.

  7. Even though the show is not the least bit serious, can anyone else name a single high-profile American talk show which invites comics-world celebrities (Gaiman, Quesada) onto their program?

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