Want to find more about how graphic novel publishers are approaching the massive changes in comics readership and marketing now underway?


Then fire up your computer tomorrow at 1 pm EST for a webcast with

Howard Shapiro, author, The Hockey Saint/Animal Media Group

Michael Martens, vp of business development , Dark Horse

Matt Parkinson, vp of marketing, Dark Horse

Leyla Aker, VP publsihing Viz Media

Ashlee Vaughn, Marketing, Viz Media


I’ll  be moderating this chat but you can submit questions yourself.  And with such a smart group, this is bound to be a fascinating hour at a crucial time in the comics industry.

The event is FREE to attend. FREE!!! Just go here and sign up.  And tell ’em The Beat sent you.





  1. Greetings fellow fans!
    Let me introduce myself. My name is Phil Bova. I am a High School educator for Central Visual & Performing Arts HS in the St. Louis area. I am currently teaching a course to upper level students (mainly seniors) on Graphic Novels as Literary Merit. All of my students are LOVING my class and how we view comics by analyzing the material and its association with society. Many of my students have thought provoking ideas to the medium itself due to their discipline in the arts. I am very much looking forward to the program, and hope to incorporate this into my classroom in some way. Maybe gimme a shout out!!!!!
    Thanks and Best!!!

    Mr. Bova

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