DC has announced a “Tweet at Frank Miller” event for tomorrow, Friday November 20, from 10amPT/1pmET to 11amPT/2pmET. Using the hashtag #FrankMillerChat you can ask him about “the main story, the mini comics and probably the most often-asked question since the book’s announcement, “What’s up with that title?””

We’re not sure that is REALLY the most asked question. Miler has prove himself quite the agent provocateur with his DKIII interviews, and question like “Did you actually have anything to do with DKIII?” and “What’s with the hat?” may be more common. At any rate, if you’ve ever had a burning question for Mr Miller…now is the time.


  1. Based on that pic, my tweet question will be: “Where’s your signature red and black striped shirt or razor claws?”

    Silly But True

  2. It’s probably not an appropriate question for a non-family member (or close friend) to ask, but I would sincerely like to know if Frank’s ill or something. He doesn’t look well, and to be, uh, frank, some of his recent art has been…. not good. (Particularly considering all those variant covers that the 74-year-old Neal Adams recently cranked out, that look fantastic.)

  3. Silly But True: At first glance, I thought a pic of Freddy has been posted here by mistake.

    I’ll always respect Miller for the superb work he did in the ’80s, but I’ve found everything he’s done for the last 25 years to be unreadable. “Holy Terror” was the last straw for a lot of former fans, but I gave up on him after the second or third volume of “Sin City.”

  4. Okay, so it wasn’t just me thinking that was Freddy.
    The question about his health seems to be a fair one, too.
    Finally, I guess it’s fair to say I’ll get DKIII, but I’m not really looking forward to it.

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